In this comprehensive and detailed course, you will learn the tools, concepts and strategies behind great gymnastics coaching. This course is the culmination of Mr. Harrison’s 20 years of experience as a gymnastics coach. Along his 20 year journey of coaching both boys and girls of all ages, he has earned many titles and championships with his athletes along the way, including Florida State Coach Of The Year 2008/2009 and Region 8 Coach Of The Year 2009/2010.

Gymnastics, considered to be the hardest sport in the world, requires a vast amount of specialized and well practiced knowledge, experience and training. This course is second to none and promises to deliver the education and skills you will need to get the results you’re looking for in each and every athlete you inspire!


What you will learn:

  • Identities of coaching
  • Learning styles
  • Teaching styles
  • Drills for Skills
  • Attribute development
  • Progressions
  • How to communicate with athletes
  • How to get results in record time
  • The mindset of the athlete
  • The mindset of the coach
  • The secret to success in performance
  • And much more!



The U.G.C.A. team will take you step by step from the basics of gymnastics all the way through to the advanced understanding and applications of great coaching. Our course is specifically designed to give you the knowledge and training you need to succeed and give your athletes of all ages and levels the tools for winning!

The opportunities for coaches to learn and improve are scarce and expensive. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable and most valuable education and training course on gymnastic coaching. As we travel the country, from state to state and gym to gym, we have seen a great need for better education and opportunities for learning in this extremely specialized sport.

It takes many years, dedication and many sacrifices to be able to proficiently coach this dynamic and difficult sport and to get the results needed for each athlete. Our program saves time, money and stress and provides coaches of all ages and experience levels the roots and secrets to being a great coach!

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