HMA Training & Philosophy



HMA is the amalgamation and result of more than 25 years of advanced hand to hand and tactical combatives training to Civilian, Military, LEO, Executive Security, Bodyguards and everyday individuals looking to improve their everyday safety, skills and awareness.


Each HMA student is required to master this understanding from the 4 pillars of education (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Fighting Spirit) while moving through his/her own personal levels of achievement in the 4 ranges of combat.

The center point for each range is the introduction of various weapons. This means that HMA is both an armed and unarmed system of combat, counter offensive combat to be more precise.

The diagram below illustrates our philosophy and training methodology.

Understanding armed and unarmed combat means understanding range. Range is the distance between you and your opponent/enemy, their weapons, their skills and their various forms of attack.  

Each range of combat provides many problems and many solutions. There are many different arts, styles and systems which specialize in each range and are designed to deal with that specific ranges problems and solutions, i.e. Judo deals with the grappling range, Wing Chun and Wrestling deals with the Trapping range, Boxing and Muay Thai deals with the punching range, and TaeKwonDo deals primarily with the kicking range.

Training in each range allows practitioners proper experience in how the body performs in each range when in combat, in emergency situations and everyday awareness and safety. Understanding what your body can do (and not do) through martial arts is critical for success in combat as well as for living a higher quality of life.


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