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Edward Lawerence, ABC Action News Anchor.

“Joe has been in invaluable addition to my training. My goals were to continue boxing and to stay in shape overall. Wow! Were my expectations exceeded. Training with Joe is hands down one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. His technical knowledge and energetic attitude make each session truly exciting. I’ll be honest, he kicks my butt. But in such a way that I can’t wait to return for another session. You really should check him out – you won’t regret it.”

Marcus Little

“Great instruction and very informative! Joe will change a person on training in a very good way!”

Kevin Wilde

“Excellent instructor with a very impressive training background. Very patient and teaches in a manner than anyone can understand. The facilities are top notch as well!”

Nikkita Lindblaud
“Really good and professional! I loved training with Joseph and I would really recomend others to train with him. He really dedicate his time on YOU and only you while you are there. He helps you to improve like crazy!”
Eric Smith
“I have known Mr. Harrison for 20 years. In that time span he has maintained the highest standard for teaching and coaching excellence. He is a highly knowledge instructor who truly cares about the growth and well being of his students. Meet him see for yourself why he is one of the top world class instructors in the nation.”
Rob Ciccone
I’ve been a student of Joe’s for over 4 years now, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate to have such a great teacher, & Sensei. Joe is very in-tune with his students, and makes teaching look like an art form all in itself. For every lesson that concerns the body, there are two that concern the mind. Learning the Arts from Joe will be the best decision you ever make!”
Mike Cooley
“Sifu joe brings Alot to the table in the martial arts community, his weapon skills and knowledge is superb. I always look forward to his seminars and the fun atmosphere he brings.”
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