Self Defense


Self Defense is one of the most under looked human necessities in modern society. Harrison Martial Arts specializes in the proper education, development and training of self defense for individuals of all ages and abilities. In this comprehensive, easy to learn and specialized curriculum you will learn the physical and educational foundation required to survive an unexpected attack or deadly encounter.

Course Outline

Our specialized course will take you step by step through the most important aspects of self defense and the pre-requisites of personal protection. Including, but not limited to:

  • Education of Violence
  • How to Assess Your Environment (Pre Incident Indicators)
  • How to Assess an Individual for Potential Threats and Threatening Behavior
  • Introduction to Physical Reediness (Phys Ed for Self Defense)
  • How to Prepare for a Potential Attack (Stances, Positions, etc)
  • Basic Concepts of Defensive Movement
  • Basic Concepts of Offensive Movement
  • Introductions to Basic Holds, Controls and Submissions
  • Introduction to Striking
  • Introduction to Kicking
  • Introductions to Takedowns
  • And Much More!

How To Get Started

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Step 3: Confirmation!

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