HMA Tactical Combat Solutions is the most modern and practical approach to today’s MIL/LEO and Executive Security needs. Our cutting edge curriculum provides each client with the physical, mental and tactical knowledge to aid in the mitigation of modern day threats. 

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Curriculum Details:

*COOPER Color Code (Revised & Modified)
*OODA Loop: (Revised & Modified)
*21 Foot Rule: (Revised & Modified)
*Tactical Baton/ASP & Impact Weapons
*Pain Compliance Techniques
*Force Multiplier Skills & Drills
*Stance, Footwork and Body Mechanics Applications
*Locks, Throws, Submissions & Takedowns
*Defensive Knife Skills, Techniques/Drills
*Defensive Impact Weapons Skills, Techniques/Drills
*Flexible Weapons Tactics Skills, Techniques/Drills

Our team will take you step by step through each technique field and learning module to ensure high skill retention and execution proficiency. These skills will provide you with maximum agility, timing, speed, strength and coordination to handle ANY threat!

Our system is the ONLY system in the world that properly educates and trains individuals in the T.C.G. or, Tactile Competence Gap. This is the gap of neurological and kinesthetic proficiency your hand-eye coordination can suffer through while simultaneously handling various types of weapons, i.e. edged to impact, impact to projectile, flexible to empty hands, etc.


Seminars, Workshops and Clinics are TBA. If you wish to host HMA for an event, please use the form below and we will contact you within 24hrs.


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