Knife Vs Gun Workshop 6-10-17

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Want to know who would win in a Knife Vs Gun stand off or altercation? This Workshop just might surprise you. with the real answer.

In this workshop we will be exploring various tactics, strategies and drills that beg the question as to who would win in a Knife Vs Gun scenario. The basis of this workshop is to explore and experience The Tueller Rule/Drill Concept, most notably known as the 21 Foot Rule, which deals with the reactionary gap of most hand to hand and CQ weapons attacks.

The reactionary gap is the distance needed to react decisively and effectively to a given situation.

With edged weapons, the reactionary gap may be much larger than you think. A study conducted by the Force Science Research Center concluded that most trained individuals (their study used police officers) were at a severe disadvantage against edged-weapon attackers within a 21-foot perimeter. This is where the drill comes into play as a training tool.

You, the participant will take part in reality based scenarios that will allow you to make the proper judgement when using a knife or a gun, or defending against them.

Price Per Person:

Non HMA Members: $60
HMA Members: $50
HMA Students: $40
Cost at the door: $75, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Day: Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Time: 10am to 1pm

Place: Harrison Martial Arts, LLC

Address: 21997 U.S. Hwy 19. N Clearwater, Florida. 33765

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